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Twitter Chat for Saturday 11/30

For my Ed Tech class: the link to my Personal Interest Project on Prezi can be found here. Apparently if you want to participate in a Twitter chat late on a Saturday night, there is only one kind of educational group still online: writers. As a matter of fact, this last Saturday was the conclusion […]

Twitter Chat for Saturday 11/23

Every Saturday morning at 9AM (US EST), a group of dedicated educators come together for a Twitter chat called #catholicedchat. It was interesting to see them all greet each other by name, as if they were all old friends. It was apparent from the beginning that this was a tight-knit group of people. I chose […]

Video Project

This week’s education assignment entailed the making of a movie. The goal was to create an informational video for incoming college freshmen. I’m sure that those of you who have gone through college know how it goes; there’s always ton that you wish you had known beforehand. Hopefully our video project will help to alleviate […]

A Personal Interest Project: For-Profit Schools – Back to the Blueprints With Traditional College Education

In today’s competitive job market, more people than ever are going to school in order to get a leg up in their field. Not only are a higher percentage of secondary graduates going on to further their educations, but more seasoned professionals are going back to school, too. If the United States is a petri […]

Post #2 – Into the World of Twitter

I am now officially participating in the social network called “Twitter.” Apparently it has grown beyond its original means; it is no longer just for paparazzi who want the scoop on what their idols are eating for breakfast. (Personally, I couldn’t care less about Kiera Knightley’s oatmeal if I tried.) It is now being incorporated […]

First Real Post

I’ve always wanted to blog, but something has held me back. Perhaps it has been lack of motivation. Perhaps it has been the fear of having my thoughts scrutinized by the public. Well, the way I see it, the best way to overcome both of these obstacles is to dive right in. Does this thing […]

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