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Last Day of Ed Tech

When I began this fall semester, I had practically no virtual footprint.  I had a Facebook page and a few forum posts, but… I had no blog. I had no personal website. I didn’t even know that the Web 2.0 existed. I assumed that you had to be a programmer to have an electronic impact. […]

Websites and e-Portfolios

It’s probably of little relevance to your life, but I’ve created my own ePortfolio here on Weebly. Of slightly more relevance to your life, Weebly allows you to create websites for free. There are no ads, but your final product will announce that it was made by the Weebly organization and it will bear the […]

Twitter Chat for Saturday 11/30

For my Ed Tech class: the link to my Personal Interest Project on Prezi can be found here. Apparently if you want to participate in a Twitter chat late on a Saturday night, there is only one kind of educational group still online: writers. As a matter of fact, this last Saturday was the conclusion […]

Twitter Chat for Saturday 11/23

Every Saturday morning at 9AM (US EST), a group of dedicated educators come together for a Twitter chat called #catholicedchat. It was interesting to see them all greet each other by name, as if they were all old friends. It was apparent from the beginning that this was a tight-knit group of people. I chose […]

Post #2 – Into the World of Twitter

I am now officially participating in the social network called “Twitter.” Apparently it has grown beyond its original means; it is no longer just for paparazzi who want the scoop on what their idols are eating for breakfast. (Personally, I couldn’t care less about Kiera Knightley’s oatmeal if I tried.) It is now being incorporated […]

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