Websites and e-Portfolios

It’s probably of little relevance to your life, but I’ve created my own ePortfolio here on Weebly.

Of slightly more relevance to your life, Weebly allows you to create websites for free. There are no ads, but your final product will announce that it was made by the Weebly organization and it will bear the Weebly emblem. This site creator is great if you want to make your site mobile accessible – it allows you to edit your site for a computer browser as well as a mobile browser. Overall it has some glitches and flaws, but you can tell that the programmers tried really hard to make it user friendly. Anyone with some patience and Internet access could have figured out how to use this site.

If you’re feeling more ambitious and know some coding, there are other free site creators like Wix. Some other free personal site creators are Webnode and Webs, but at this point I’m just regurgitating free site creators. You could have figured that out on your own time with a quick Internet search.

On another note, there are enough backgrounds, photographs, textures, and clip arts in the Commons nowadays that any nobody can create a website without copyright infringement. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty awesome. Before we know it, we might live in a world where it’s commonplace for elementary school children to have their own personal websites. I can imagine aspiring coders, writers, and drawers putting up their creations for the world to see. I can only imagine the web culture in which today’s children are growing. Do you think this accessibility to the world will make them more aware and compassionate of the surrounding world or more self-centered?


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