Last Day of Ed Tech

When I began this fall semester, I had practically no virtual footprint. 

I had a Facebook page and a few forum posts, but…

I had no blog. I had no personal website. I didn’t even know that the Web 2.0 existed. I assumed that you had to be a programmer to have an electronic impact. This class has taught me how to use the tools at my disposal to begin mastering technology in the classroom and in life.

How will I use what I learned in the classroom? I’m much less apprehensive about electronic classroom tools. I was actually able to get up in front of a classroom and competently use a SMART Board, and that was just for student observations. I’m sure that I will be able to incorporate Twitter, this blog, and my other projects into my teaching materials. If nothing more, I have the beginnings of an electronic portfolio and a sturdier knowledge base. While this class had its frustrations, I believe it has also had tremendous payoff. 


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